Lovaganza Looks To Create A Feeling Of Old Hollywood Glamor

The “Lovaganza Convoy” will soon be heading out to bring joy and understanding to the world through a trilogy of films being released from 2018 and a global event taking place in 2020. Lovaganza’s global event of 2020 is designed to have the feel and overall joy of the World’s Fairs that last took place in the middle of the 20th century; the work of Lovaganza is designed to bring a classic feeling of happiness and cultural diversity that was present in the work of creative people across the middle of the 20th century.

The three movies that make up the first trilogy set to be released by Lovaganza are being developed by some of the world’s finest technicians and will take the form of the classic road movies of the 1940s and 50s, a period often seen as the golden age of Hollywood. Real life locations on Behance.net are being used and the latest technology to create the trilogy that will begin with “Follow Your Sunshine” and bring a classic look to the screen reminiscent of the early days of Technicolor movies.

The global event on Crunchbase from Lovaganza in 2020 has been designed to bring together the people of the world under a single roof in eight locations around the world, in what will be one of the most ambitious media projects the world has ever seen. Not only will the main pavilion at each site contain a huge curved screen showing the Lovaganza trilogy using a specially developed 3D technology on imdb.com that does not require glasses to be worn but it will feature a number of live shows highlighting specific cultures. Those who choose to attend the Lovaganza 2020 live experiences will also be given the chance to use the latest interactive technology to explore cultures from around the world in a way the organizers hope will allow different groups to live together in harmony. Source: https://www.designideas.pics/lovaganza-2020/

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