How Swiss Startup Factory’s CEO, Mike Baur, is Helping Entrepreneurial Ventures

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Mike Baur is no stranger to entrepreneurship. A prominent entrepreneur himself, Baur has cemented his status as one of the brightest and innovative trendsetters in business development. Swiss Startup Factory, his latest entrepreneurial project, has earned him immense recognition and admiration from his peers. With the aid of two partners, Swiss Startup Factory has emerged as a leading independent and privately-held ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Despite being the Founder and CEO, Mr. Baur exudes a down-to-earth personality rarely exhibited by many executives.


About Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory serves as a one-stop center in the provision of vital services to its esteemed clients. As experts in the field, they have successfully provided diverse services ranging from invoice management, cash flow reports, and financial statements to payroll management.


Additionally, the ICT accelerator company offers a three-month accelerator program specifically designed to mentor and nurture innovative ideas from bright minds as they navigate the entrepreneurship world. Through the program, budding entrepreneurs are enlightened on the pitfalls to avoid while developing a successful business. After the three months program, students are free to commence business ventures having gained crucial knowledge. The next bunch of learners is expected to wind up in December 2016.


Ample provision of working space is essential to rapid business growth and development. With such a crucial piece of information in mind, Swiss Startup Factory has gone above and beyond to provide office spaces, conference rooms, and work desks at affordable prices. The provision of such amenities serves as an avenue for like-minded individuals to promote brainstorming sessions. By leasing from Swiss Startup Factory, clients are provided with an opulent conference room, an in-house film studio, free Wi-Fi, a Nespresso bar, and an affluent welcome area.


Swiss Factory’s ability to provide such unmatched services has made it a firm favorite among business leaders in various sectors. Not only does subletting contribute to revenue collection but it also speaks volumes about the company’s ability to meet professional standards.


Mike Baur


Before becoming a household name in the business world, Baur worked his way up at Swiss Private Banking for two decades. He also worked at UBS as a commercial apprentice. The extensive and valuable experience he received allowed him to grow into the successful leader he is today. Apart from managing Swiss Startup, Baur spends adequate time mentoring Swiss youths as well as supporting several local Startup ventures. Mike is an MBA holder from the University of Rochester, New York.


A Tip Of Madison Street Capital Business Success

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Madison Street Capital acted as the financial adviser to a minority equity and ARES Security Corporation. Corbel Structured Equity Partners offered the minority recapitalization.

Madison Street Capital Managing Director said that his firm was honored to work with Ben Eazzetta CEO of Ares Security in providing this business platform. Ares Security is an enterprise with modern, sophisticated technological solutions that protect the most valuable assets in the world.


Ben Eazzetta replied by saying that his company appreciates Madison’s efforts and all the work they’ve accomplished for them in 2016. He also added that his firm was impressed with the whole process especially the analysis of the transaction, the capital raising process, and diligence in the evaluation process specifically when they were trying to identify the perfect financing partner.


Ares noted that creating a significant equity value, they have to work with Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Corbel’s funding solutions and supportive partnership will enable the firm to sustain its sales momentum and find new revenue openings under Corbel’s stint.


ARES Security Corporation

They’re the masterminds in protecting the world’s paramount assets while in Vienna, VA. Their main industry clients are from nuclear, transportation, the government, and energy industries.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners

This firm was born in 2013. Under its management is $95 million that is used to makes uncontrolled investments in profitable solely owned lower middle-class companies. Their terms of investment are on a return basis meaning that they add operational and strategic value to businesses and then share the profit later.


Madison Street Capital

This company is a global investment banking firm that works under the principal of excellence, leadership and integrity in providing financial advisory services, like acquisition, mergers, valuation services to privately and publicly held enterprises. Madison Street Capital services set their members to excel in the world trade market. Whenever MSC gets contracted for a new project, the customer’s vision becomes MSC’s. Madison Street Capital reputation is from offering capital raises, Mergers and Acquisition transactions, financial advisory, and transfers of ownership services. Their game plan involves seizing opportunity in emerging markets of the world.


Madison Street Capital’s professional team has exceptional experience, expertise, and extensive relationships with other related companies in this field thus making it one of the best middle market investment banking business. They believe in building strong industrial communities all over the world. Besides MSC dedicating their talent to their clients, they also offer charity support to groups like the United Way.

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Kabbalah, the Ancient Wisdom

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Kabbalah comes from ‘Lekabbel’ a Hebrew name which means to “receive,” therefore, means the ancient wisdom gained by humanity about 4000 years ago.

Kabbalah center was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, and the center has been providing students with wisdom and spiritual tools on how to improve their lives.The students who have applied the principles of Kabbalah can make better decisions and aid in making the entire universe a better place.

Tutoring of Kabbalah has been in existence since the universe began but the first documented record was written 5000 years ago which is called The Book of Formation which helps us reveal the secrets of the world.

You may be asking yourself why do I have to study Kabbalah? All the people in the universe want to be happy and live fulfilling life and to have a great understanding of who we are.

Kabbalah now has spread their wings and now reaching millions of people.
At Kabbalah, we are also philanthropic, helping others as a way of making the world a better place. Here are some of our projects that we support:


The first translation of the Zohar was completed in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag from the language of Aramaic into Hebrew.This was a turning point of Kabbalah history as the teachings and lessons of Kabbalah Center are based on Zohar (the ancient texts).

Kabbalah built up from a small organization to now a mass of people worldwide. It’s of great wisdom that we understand that the universe operates under a set of spiritual set. Come to Kabbalah and get exciting and fulfilling moments all through your life.

At Kabbalah Center, we teach the principles of Kabbalah and you will have a chance to live a life that you have always desired.

Getting to Know Bernardo Chua

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Bernardo Chua is a prominent business leader and a marketing specialist. He is the founder and the CEO of Organo Gold, a company based in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada. Chua began this company in 2008 with only three skilled employees. He has been able to grow this company into a multi-million dollar company and expanded its presence in more than 35 countries globally.

Before starting Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua was an employee of Gano Excel. Having been born and raised in the Philippines, Chua gained a deep understanding of Ganoderma lucidium herbs and their health benefits. These herbs are commonly used in Asian countries as traditional medicine.

As a result of his deep understanding of Ganoderma lucidium herbs, Bernardo was transferred to California in 2003 as a manager. Gano Excel Company used these herbs in the manufacture of their products.

According to PR News Wire, Bernado Chua had a different idea for the usage of Ganoderma lucidium herbs. He came up with an innovative idea of using these herbs in beverages like tea and coffee. Within a very short duration, Chua has been able to deliver a healthy alternative to beverage drinkers that promote lives, prosperity and facilitates wellness.

His hard work, persistence, and dedication have enabled him to acquire several prestigious awards. He has been nominated as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year for a number of times since he established Organo Gold.

This appointment comes in line with his desire for selling his products directly to consumers. In 2014, Bernardo received a number of awards among them; Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award, The National Shoppers Choice awards, and National Consumers Quality Awards.

In 2015, Bernardo Chua was awarded two Dangal ng Bayan awards whereby he was recognized as an outstanding Global Entrepreneur. His company, Organo Gold, was awarded two People’s Choice Awards for the best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number One in Global Network Marketing Company.

Mr. Bernardo is keen in helping young people achieve their dreams. He does so through his Foundation, the OG cares Foundation. He motivates young men and women to work hard just like he did so that they can bring positive impact in the society.

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How Cutting Tools from Donald Scott NYC have Contributed to the Re-emergence of Traditional Barber Services

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The use of straight razors continuous to gain popularity in the modern barber services. This is particularly preferred by style conscious individuals who are looking for a complete and excellent grooming experience. Some of the benefits using these tools include a sense of manliness, using an environmentally friendly way of shaving, it is a worthwhile investment, has minimal irritation after shaving, getting a super close shave among others.


Barbers who utilize straight razors achieve the designed hairstyles using various specialized techniques. Some of these techniques include reverse freehand stroke, freehand stroke, backhand stroke, reverse backhand stroke, backhand stroke, lightweight razor with a guard for cutting hair, lightweight razor without a guard and light weight razor with a guard for shaving.


About Donald Scott NYC


Donald Scotts NYC is a company that was founded by Donald Scott. It specializes in the creation of high-quality barber tools including razors and blades that complement the needs of the modern barber. The tools have managed to contribute significantly to the revival of traditional or past barber services by creating high-quality and efficient tools. Some of the popular tools from Donald Scott NYC include the straight razor, carving comb fine, carving comb wide, swivel twist razor, DS/X4 razor, chop stik pro blades, groom stik pro trimmer and many others. The tools from Donald Scott NYC are used for different techniques such as cutting, styling and shaping.

Succeeding against all odds in the Brazilian Real Estate; Construcap

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Brazil is developing very fast and currently, it is among the top 5 economic giants on YouTubeon the globe. The past few years have however not been easy for anyone, especially because of the rough political climate and the near meltdown in economics. At the start, most developers felt like it was time to fold up in Brazil and try their luck elsewhere. However, some industry giants such as Construcap seem to be thriving bearish market notwithstanding. What could be the secret for these companies?

A point had reached in the past few years when property was being constructed and going back to the developer without any bids being made on it. It is through this seemingly hopeless situation that a new solution presented itself. The property developers on realized that instead of selling their property locally, it would work better if they found an overseas market. Foreign investors on are finding the market great because it is significantly lower than the cost in their respective countries. There is also the hope that when the currently bearish market turns bullish, the cost of property will go up by a huge margin.

This is just one of the secrets behind the success of Construcap when creating real estate property for sale. They have also put in place other measures such as value added real estate construction. The first of Construcap’s projects, the Mineirao stadium was a huge success because of these out of the box thinking. The construction project has already been certified platinum by the LEED. This is because it adhered to all the requirements of green construction. They have successfully completed other projects such as roads, bridges and industrial complexes.

The construction of the stadium harnesses solar power to produce lighting for itself and surrounding structures. The rain water harvested on the roof can serve a town for a few months. There is also a waste recycling system that beats many in the industry. Investing in foreign companies and business partners is the step that has helped them reach their current levels of success. With the current levels of success, the sky is only the limit.

Squaw Valley’s Statement on Water Safety

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There had been alleged reports of E.coli and coliform bacteria detected in drinking water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain water. The hazard was first reported on November 8th by Placer County Department of Environmental Health. The water since then has been treated consistently and has been showing signs of improvement. Four wells serve the upper mountain, and out of these four, three have shown low levels of coliform and no E.coli. This was stated by the Placer County Department’s Director Wesley Nicks.


These reports have led to the closure of restaurants and skiers being banned from drinking the water until the problem was fully addressed. Top-to-bottom skiing, however, is allowed as usual at the resort.


Squaw Valley issued a statement to attest to the quality of the water at Upper Mountain. In their statement, they testified that an unusually heavy rainstorm in October led to inundation of a recently upgraded water system at High Camp and Gold Coast. This flooding resulted in the water’s contamination. Only water at High Mountain was contaminated. At no time was contaminated water ever availed to the public.


The bacteria were detected during a routine testing after which Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted. After consulting other water experts, the issue is being addressed until the water returns to normal levels. In the meantime, High Camp and Gold Coast will be restricted from regular usage until the water is declared safe by health officials.


They assured customers that their safety was their primary concern with regards to the issue and that steps had been taken to resolve the issue. Until the issue is fully resolved guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will have full access to all other facilities and shall be provided with free bottled water. Guests will be informed at all times of on-going progress on the issue and when the water will be declared safe for consumption once more.


The resort expressed their gratitude to the Placer County and the squaw Valley Public Service District for their continued role in the issue.

Waiakea Water: An Environmentally Conscious Company

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Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons after he realized that the water he had been drinking while on his family trips to Hawaii was different from other waters. “I discovered my family had access to one of the most naturally healthy, pure, and sustainable water sources in the world,” said Emmons. Noob Prenuer reported that since Waiakea water launched, it has seen a 5000 percent growth. In the past year alone, the company has put its products on the shelves of nearly 2000 different stores in 30 states.

In celebration of their recent success, the company is launching a new manufacturing plant in Hawaii, hoping it will help them handle the ever-growing international demand. According to Emmons, Waiakea water has gone from selling a few thousand cases of water per year to selling over 120,000 cases.

In addition to their business and financial accomplishments, the company has also managed to give back, pledging to donate 650 liters of water for every 1 liter they sell through a partnership with Pump Aid. With all of their success, the company has been able to donate 500 million liters of clean water and establish more than 3500 elephant pumps in some of the underprivileged communities of Africa, in turn helping over 1.35 million people live a healthier life.

In addition to the charitable work Waiakea water contributes to the world, the company also makes efforts to support environmental conservation. It boasts a naturally alkaline, mineral-rich, and electrolyte-packed water, which is taken from one of the most pure water sources in the world and is packaged in recycled (rPET) bottles. Ryan Emmons attributes the company’s success to their knack for innovation and doing things differently from competitors.

For example, Waiakea water was the first brand of premium bottled water to be certified carbon neutral. “In focusing on health, sustainability, and ethics, we’ve built a brand that makes individuals feel good on multiple levels.” said Emmons. With all of these qualities, Waiakea spring water may be one of the most ethically run and health conscious companies in the industry.

According to Ladisco, Waiakea water has clearly been incredibly successful within their industry. The company has seen an average annual growth of 170 percenT. It has also garnered praise from consumers and reviewers alike, receiving positive write-up from and being listed as the top volcanic water brand by

It is now valued at over $10 million and its products are currently available for purchase in several major retailers, including Whole Foods and Wawa, and Waiakea is now beginning to expand internationally as well.

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Securus Technologies Brings Technology To Correction Facilities

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The use of technology is one of the ways that many people stay in contact with family and friends. With the technology innovations that have occurred over the past few decades, the ways that people can communicate have increased. In addition, people can now communicate in ways that were unimaginable many years ago. With current technology, people can communicate using mobile devices such as cell phones and smartphones.


The use of mobile devices gives people more freedom regarding the use of the devices. The technology that works with mobile devices deliver the signal transmitted by the phones to towers that are in various locations. Unlike landline phones that have to be used in one area, mobile devices can be taken almost anywhere. As a result, people can use the devices literally wherever they are located.


Beyond just using devices to talk to people, some technology devices also provide the technology to actually see people when talking to them. The use of video provides this form of communication. Video communication has been used in various ways for close to two decades. Although video communication technology has been in use, the technology has various aspects that need to be improved to provide the best experience possible.


In the past decade, numerous technology innovations have been made that have improved the aspects of video communication that needed improvement. Today, the use of video communication provides a good experience with basic technology and a very good experience with high quality technology.


Securus Technologies is a provider of communication technology. One of the things that the company will be doing this year is to provide the use of its video visitation technology to inmates at correction facilities so that they can talk to family during the Christmas holiday season. The technology works by providing a link between the inmates at the correction facilities and their families located at home. When the link is made, the inmates can talk to and see their family in real time. This allows the inmates to join in on the Christmas activities and experience.


I think that video visitation technology provided by Securus Technologies for inmates to see and talk to family at Christmas is a great thing. It will help bring families closer at Christmas.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides a variety of technology related products and services to correction facilities and also other organizations.



Preplanning for an Event Planner

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When it comes to large cities, New York City is one of the largest cities in the world. The population is huge and the community is diverse. The amenities available in this city are limitless. This is also true when it comes to event planners. There are many event planners in New York and it can be troublesome to find the right one. Twenty Three Layers is an elite event planning company and they have made it their mission to set themselves apart from the rest.


Jessica Boskoff is the founder and CEO of Twenty Three Layers and she has been leading her company for over ten years. She and her team have decades of experience that they put into each and every event that they plan. They strive on making sure each event is exactly what the client wants but with a unique twist.


Hiring an event planner can be a difficult process. Before anyone is hired or anything is planned, the idea and theme of the event need to be determined. Knowing what you want out of the event and how you want is presented to the guests will be a great help when it comes to choosing the right event planner for your event.


Before setting out to find an event planner, know your budget. Know what you have to spend and roughly determine what you would like to spend it on. The more you have preplanned before hiring your event planner, the more prepared you will be to explain you vision to the planner you will ultimately hire.


The services offered by an event planning company can make or break an event. They have the knowledge and expertise to coordinate an event in a certain way to make it perfect. One of the best event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers and they have an expert staff that will turn ideas into reality.