George Street Photo and Video NYC

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A picture can last a lifetime and there are not too many places better for a background than New York City. At George Street Photo, the photographers are experts in capturing the special moment spent in New York. They specialize in telling a story that will last for many years to come. The friendly staff will make you feel at home from beginning to end. There are several different packages to choose from whether it’s engagement pictures, wedding albums or a wedding video. After helping thousands of happy wedding couples capture their dream weddings, there is no surprise the experiences of George Street Photo and Video NYC have garnered rave reviews.


Securus Technologies Keeping Our Correctional Facilities On Top of Potential Problems

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Securus Technologies, a company that thousands of law enforcement, public safety agencies, and correctional facilities use. This company, with their modern technology, will provide ways to improve on our public safety and upgrade incarceration by modernizing their methods.


They were founded in 1986 and have their corporate offices in Dallas, Texas with regional offices located in several cities in Texas as well as Atlanta, Georgia. With their 30 years of experience with the correctional problems around the country, they have proven themselves to have a leading edge in technology solutions for the criminal justice systems. There are, around the U.S 1.2 million inmates in 3,400 facilities.


Securus does not only keep inmates connected with their families, it also keeps the correctional institution personnel privy to any critical information pertaining to the inmates. It also helps to keep the inmates connected to technology, providing educational and entertainment services to the them.


Securus aids in the connection of our emergency personnel and responders to the people in need of their services. With their modern technology, the can provide incident management, verification, manage information, public information, and investigation.


There is a continued fight against the crime rate in our country that doesn’t end with a perpetrator being jailed. The fight goes on inside the correctional facilities to prevent crimes and govern the inmates.


They offer services to help in keeping track of the parolees, the inmates communication with the outside, and help with government information management. They are not only installed in our 3,400-correctional institution here in the U.S., but also in the District of Columbia, Mexico, and Canada.


We can thank their technology with the prevention of contraband being introduced into our facilities, as well as finding the staff members that have become corrupt. The upside of this technology is that they can help the inmates to stay connected to their family and loved ones and society in general. It offers them a chance for education and entertainment while serving their sentences, which hopefully will serve them well when they are released back into society.

Williamson County Holds A Summit To Provide Viable Solutions To The Region’s Transportation Challenges

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In the past, Austin area has hosted different summits. However, the topic of discussion has always devolved around the city itself. In the recent past, the county held a growth summit that provided an opportunity to different transit experts to offer innovative insights on the transport challenges experienced in the region.

The summit brought together some of the leading experts in matters of transport. They included Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign, Mike Heiligenstein of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA), Leandre Johns of Uber Technologies and the founder of RideScout LLC, Joseph Kosper. These transit experts looked at how technology could be used to improve the transportation sector in Austin region and around the world. This event was held at the prestigious Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center.

Bizjournals revealed that Mike Heiligenstein asserted that Austin area needed to embrace new technologies, which would help in enhancing the transportation infrastructure of the region. He went on to urge the present leaders to invest more in augmenting the transportation capacity for purposes of dealing with the increasing mobility needs of the growing population, which is high in the suburbs such as Williamson County. He posited that there was need for the corridors to be smarter, technically advanced and efficient.

Mike praised Williamson County for having a strong transport infrastructure. He urged those in attendance, especially leaders to improve the capacity for buses and roads. Mike said that the increasing population would require good roads and high capacity buses in the future.

Ficklin said that there was need for the building and land-use to be as flexible as possible. He was responding to a question posed by the panel moderator, Alan McGraw. He went on to assert that future parking garages will be five feet high.

They will also have multiple levels. The roads and parking garages will have charging stations and a service station. This information was originally mentioned on Austin Business Journal as provided in the following link

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike has been serving as the executive director of CTRMA. This authority was created in 2002. Its main objective is to design modern transport network for the entire Central Texas. Mike played an instrumental role in the success of the 183A project in Williamson County, the authority’s first project.

Mike is also the president of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is an active advisory board member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Mike is affiliated with many other groups and entities that focus on transportation issues. For 23 years, Mike rendered his services to the populace of Williamson County as a public official.

Madison Street Capital Is Recognized For Facilitating Dowco’s Acquisition Of Acuna & Asociados

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Madison Street Capital was announced as the finalist for the prestigious M&A Advisor Awards. The award has extensive impact in the financial industry. This is because it recognizes excellence in deal making as well as financing and structuring successes, and celebrates the achievements made by different companies and professionals.


The company was honored to be nominated for the esteemed Boutique Investment Banking of the Year-International and the revered Industrials Deal of the Year. Madison Street Capital was selected for the latter because of its immense contribution in helping Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados. The top management of the investment-banking firm, including Karl D’Cunha played a pivotal role in ensuring that the acquisition process is carried out smoothly. He posited that the transaction was complex.


After conclusion of the transaction, Charles Botchway, the CEO and founder of Madison Street Capital, posited that they were pleased to be associated with their longstanding client, Dowco. He also appreciated the team’s efforts that resulted in their nomination for both awards. Charles praised his deal makers who worked untiringly in different time zones to introduce clients to the emerging and growing businesses that align with their needs. Winners of the M&A Advisor Awards were announced during the 15th Annual Gala hosted at the New York Athletic Club. This information was originally reported on Benzinga as highlighted in this link


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a successful investment-banking corporation. The company has continued to be a leader in the competitive industry because of focusing on the virtues of leadership, integrity, service and excellence. Over the years, the firm has been offering clients innovative solutions, including valuation services, merger and acquisition, corporate financial advisory services and financial opinions. While undertaking new projects, the company’s professionals seek to comprehend client’s needs. They then take it upon themselves to develop innovative solutions that satisfy their utility. The company concentrates on various assets traded in the emerging markets. This is because these markets are known to drive global growth. Madison Street Capital has managed to operate as a going concern because of observing the highest levels of professional standards.


Madison Street Capital has been establishing strong relationships with different communities in the United States. The corporation has partnered with various companies such as the United Way to make significant differences in global and local communities. Madison Street Capital recruits professional having extensive relationships, knowledge and experience. These experts are able to arrange for appropriate capitalization and financing structures that suits the needs of individual clients. Madison Street Capital reputation as one of the premier middle-market investment companies continues to inspire its professionals to develop world-class products and services. The company is headquartered in Chicago. They also have other offices in Asia, Africa and North America.


For updates, check out Madison Street Capital on Facebook.

José BorghiAnd His Leadership Skills at Mullen Lowe Brasil

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Advertising is required by any company in the world of business today. There are advertising companies available online as well as through the traditional brick and mortar shops. It is not easy for advertising companies to compete in such a tough market.

Basically, advertising is a highly complex business. It needs to produce results too. Advertising would require a complete plan and a way for implementing it too.

Advertising agencies have become highly specialized too. They need to understand what it takes in order to produce highly successful advertising campaigns.

The fact is that every company is different. This means that what work for one company will probably not work for another one. This is why each company must have its advertising plan. This is what a good advertising agency needs to accomplish for its client companies.

One of the best advertising agencies in Brazil today is Mullen Lowe Brasil. This agency has an outstanding reputation today in the world of advertising. The list of clients of Mullen Lowe Brasil would make any advertising agency feel proud. This agency is well-known for producing totally incredible advertising results for all its clients.

The president of this advertising agency is Jose Borghi. He is an advertising professional. Besides, Jose Borghi enjoys a good reputation in Brazil. He is known all over the world as he has accomplished a lot in his professional career. Jose Borghi is an innovator. He has a unique talent for being able to understand advertising.

His ways of advertising are structured in a very different way than the ways of other advertising agencies. Jose Borghi uses staff at Mullen Lowe Brasil and asks them to work outside the normal office setting. They have to assist with projects that are in other locations. This is what sets Jose Borghi and his working apart from the other advertising professionals and learn more about Borghi.

Brian Torchin and HCRC: A Better Way to Find Work as A Medical Professional

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In addition to being a physical therapist and a chiropractor, Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of HCRC Staffing, a company which seeks to connect high-quality hospitals with high-quality doctors.

In an age with an ever-increasing need for productivity and efficiency, HCRC helps hospitals, private practices, and urgent care facilities fill vacant positions with experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable staff.

According to Glassdoor, before his work with HCRC, however, Brian Torchin earned his BA in exercise science from the University of Delaware, where he first began taking an interest in health and medicine. After earning his BA, he went on to pursue a chiropractic degree, working in the medical field with his background in physical therapy and chiropractics.

Over time, he began noticing that the medical field was suffering many shortcomings in filling vacant staff positions for medical facilities such as hospitals, urgent care facilities, and private practices. Thus, Brian Torchin founded HCRC to help alleviate some of the hiring difficulties faced by both medical practitioners and the facilities which hire them.

Typical of any staffing agency, HCRC places applicants into positions which will be a good fit for both the practitioner and the employer. They prevent potential burnout in medical professionals by providing job counseling services. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

These job counseling services enable the budding medical professional to find a medical specialty which best suits their skills and interest. Job placement services are also provided by HCRC, and many professionals are often quickly placed into positions, as there are positions which must be filled immediately.

Having personally worked in the medical industry himself, Brian Torchin knows firsthand the difficulty many professionals must face in the process of searching for a job. Therefore, he is invested in helping professionals feel as comfortable as possible in the job-hunting process.

He aids them in meeting all requirements for medical jobs while ensuring medical facilities get the most qualified professionals.

Arizona’s Jason Hope’s Vision For The IoT Industry

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The ‘Internet of Thing’ (IoT) phrase has become a common catchphrase, especially in the tech industry. IoT refers to any device that is network-enabled, allowing it to have a two-way communication. The inventor’s creativity is the only limit to the nature of the IoT devices. Home thermostats, pacemakers, refrigerators, and cars are some of the conventional devices that are quickly adopting the technology.

Growth in the number of devices using the technology supports Jason Hope’s belief that the industry has a brighter future. The entrepreneur has heavily invested in IoT companies. He is set to be one of the primary beneficiaries of the technology when it hits the market.

Accessibility of internet-enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones has been a boost to the IoT Industry. According to Jason, these devices have enabled people to taste and enjoy the benefits associated with network enabled devices and applications. For instance, apps such as ZipCar and Uber that helps one to secure transportation and Tinder that aids an individual to record important dates have been of great merit to many people. Jason believes that the hospitality industry will follow suit and adopt the innovative IoT technology.

Jason believes that as investors push for development of the technology, clients continue to demand for more IoT products. These customers would like to enjoy the technology whether they are at home or on the road. In the hospitality industry, clients are already expecting for more functionalities such as the ability to control heating, AC, and lighting of their rooms straight from their phones. This follows the industry’s adoption of online ordering systems that enable clients to order various services without having to speak to staff or getting out of their rooms.

According to studies carried out by Gartner Inc, an information technology research and advisory company, over 26 million units of IoT products are expected to be in use by 2020. This exponential growth from 0.9 units that were in use in 2009 is a great improvement. These units will generate over $300 billion in revenue.

Jason Hope is a Scottdale-based entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. He is associated with different charity organizations such as The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and Family Health International.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Financing for ARES Security Corporation

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The global investment banking organization, Madison Street Capital was the select financial consultant for the process of planning its customer ARES Security Corporation to get minority recapitalization & subordinated debt investment. ARES Security Corporation is situated in Vienna, Virginia, and is among the leading top organizations providing enterprise security risk administration. The organization offers complete security programmed solutions.

The Ares leadership considered working with corbel to have formed investment that is innovatively structured and that is offered the most appropriate way for creating great equity value. While the adaptable capital solution given by Corbel likewise to the operationally-supportive partnership enabled AREA to continue enjoying high sales momentum apart from capitalizing on new revenue opportunities that are made available via the good number of sector contacts owned by Corbel. McGaugh reviewed it was a great honor working with Ben Eazzetta, the ARES President and praised the technological solutions offered by the company and its superior management team. Also, Eazzetta insisted that he was pleased by the manner in which Madison Capital tackled the progress and excitement for the future.

Madison Street Capital is a respected investment banking company which is internationally known. The organization is dedicated to integrity, excellence, service and leadership as they offer mergers & acquisitions expertise, financial options, corporate financial consultant services, and valuation services to both privately and publicly owned businesses. Their services put their customers for success within the world marketplace. With every new project, the objectives and goals of clients becomes theirs. Hence, whether the goals are successful capital raises, financial advisory, ownership transfers or M&A transactions, Madison Street Capital stands with you to the end.

Madison Street Capital views emerging markets being the key component which spearheads the clients’ world development. The organization is dedicated to focusing on rich assets on those markets. The company managed to earn trust from the clients through its unwavering commitment to sustaining the greatest expertise standards. Through their office facilities in Asia, Africa and North America, Madison Street Capital reputation has grown with assisting customers to come up with lucrative investments in technology, aerospace, defense, real estate development, food & agriculture, consumer markets, transportation, mining, natural resources, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, construction, energy, distribution, manufacturing, media, and minerals among others. The company offers professional services in business valuation, financial opinions, tax planning, wealth preservation, corporate advisory, valuation for financial reporting, and asset management industry focus. This assists in burnishing reputation of Madison Street Capital for quality services.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Online Reputation Management

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Although there are a number of trends on the horizon for digital marketing, such as augmented reality and data visualization, Brian Hughes, a contributor to Entrepreneur,  makes the point that it’s important to pay attention to the basics. According to Hughes, one of the three opportunities for digital marketers in the near future is online reputation management.

According to Hughes, the challenge for business lies in the fact that a lot of companies, especially smaller organizations, are just clueless. This is compounded by the fact that there are so many factors involved beyond just your Yelp! and Google reviews. Unfortunately, many reputation management consultants have been known to rely on unsavory “black-hat” tactics, further complicating matters. Hughes believes that the best defense is a good offense. It’s essential to reach out to your company base and deal with problems before they manifest themselves online, or to contain reviews before the reviewer becomes a cross-platform detractor.

One of the first steps to managing your online reputation is to get online, meaning SEO, and the first step to ramping up your SEO is cleaning up your local listing on social media, review sites, and industry directories. This will rapidly improve your web presence and lead to a big jump in hits. It’s also important that businesses look at the Top 10 SERPS for their business name and other important keywords.

Brian Hughes is a social media and SEO consultant and frequent contributor to digital marketing outlets, such as Moz and Social Media Week.


How Swiss Startup Factory’s CEO, Mike Baur, is Helping Entrepreneurial Ventures

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Mike Baur is no stranger to entrepreneurship. A prominent entrepreneur himself, Baur has cemented his status as one of the brightest and innovative trendsetters in business development. Swiss Startup Factory, his latest entrepreneurial project, has earned him immense recognition and admiration from his peers. With the aid of two partners, Swiss Startup Factory has emerged as a leading independent and privately-held ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Despite being the Founder and CEO, Mr. Baur exudes a down-to-earth personality rarely exhibited by many executives.


About Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory serves as a one-stop center in the provision of vital services to its esteemed clients. As experts in the field, they have successfully provided diverse services ranging from invoice management, cash flow reports, and financial statements to payroll management.


Additionally, the ICT accelerator company offers a three-month accelerator program specifically designed to mentor and nurture innovative ideas from bright minds as they navigate the entrepreneurship world. Through the program, budding entrepreneurs are enlightened on the pitfalls to avoid while developing a successful business. After the three months program, students are free to commence business ventures having gained crucial knowledge. The next bunch of learners is expected to wind up in December 2016.


Ample provision of working space is essential to rapid business growth and development. With such a crucial piece of information in mind, Swiss Startup Factory has gone above and beyond to provide office spaces, conference rooms, and work desks at affordable prices. The provision of such amenities serves as an avenue for like-minded individuals to promote brainstorming sessions. By leasing from Swiss Startup Factory, clients are provided with an opulent conference room, an in-house film studio, free Wi-Fi, a Nespresso bar, and an affluent welcome area.


Swiss Factory’s ability to provide such unmatched services has made it a firm favorite among business leaders in various sectors. Not only does subletting contribute to revenue collection but it also speaks volumes about the company’s ability to meet professional standards.


Mike Baur


Before becoming a household name in the business world, Baur worked his way up at Swiss Private Banking for two decades. He also worked at UBS as a commercial apprentice. The extensive and valuable experience he received allowed him to grow into the successful leader he is today. Apart from managing Swiss Startup, Baur spends adequate time mentoring Swiss youths as well as supporting several local Startup ventures. Mike is an MBA holder from the University of Rochester, New York.